Life in Singapore for J


(This article was written on 12nd Jan. 2017)

Singapore is good place to live for J. I asked him 8 questions which compare Singapore and his country Malaysia.

The first 2 questions are about money. He said he gets better salary in Singapore, and saves money because he is too busy to spend. It seems he can improve his financial situation here.

Not only money, but also he is confident about Singapore's economy, and feel here is the good place to advance his career. He said the economy is better than Malaysia and there are more chance to be promoted.

Also about life in Singapore, he is very positive. He think the food in Malaysia is too sweet, oily, and salty. It's not so in Singapore, thus he can live healthier living here.

And Singapore is a very safe place. There are less crime than in Malaysia. The education is well organized. There are many good teachers and the children can get an education in English. English skill will be a big advantage for working or living abroad.

However, only for the question about starting a new business, he has a negative opinion of Singapore. He said there are not enough workers in Singapore. On this point, he said, Malaysia is better.

In conclusion, Singapore is a better place to work for J. I think he is lucky to have the chance to work here now. Only when he is considering to start his own business, he will need to handle the problem of labor shortage.

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