Children's dream jobs


How Schooling’s gold could change S’pore sport

Heroes like Joseph Schooling can inspire a paradigm shift in sporting culture

There is a survey in 2012 by LinkedIn. It asked 393 professionals in Singapore about their childhood dream jobs.

They answered Engineer (11.4%), Scientist (9.2%), Airplane/Helicopter pilot (8.5%), Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (6.3%) and Police Officer (5.5%) for male. For female; Teacher (14.8%), Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (13%), and Lawyer (8.7%).

There is one more questionnaire investigation in Asia about children's dream jobs **. According to this result, in Singapore, Teacher (14%), Policeman/woman (13%), Entrepreneur (11%) are ranked. Also, in this survey, 31% children stated an expected salary range of $5,001 to S$10,000 per month

This survey was performed in Japan, too. The second was teacher, the third was doctor, and office worker ranked the first. However if we look at boys and girls separately, football player (2nd), baseball player (4th) for boys, and pastry chef (1st) for girls are ranked.

It is well-known that Singapore's education level is pretty high. Many foreigners want their children to be educated in Singapore. In addition to that, this country is one of the world's fastest growing economies. It had a dramatic growth. There are many rich people if we compare it to other countries.

On the other hand, Singapore is a highly competitive society. In some cases, success means doing their business well and making a fortune. To fulfill such dreams, it is not a good idea to be a sports player or a pastry chef. I think these results of surveys reflect this reality.

If such an atmosphere remains in Singapore, areas like a sports, art, music, will not prosper. Thus, I think Joseph Schooling's success as a swimmer has greatly influenced the children in Singapore. Because, even though Joseph Schooling will use his gold medal prize money for paying loans ***, it is obvious that he is a "hero" and a man of success.

I agree that parents don't want their children not to be able to afford to eat. However, they should also think of true happiness of their children.

* [Singapore] [Infographic] Top Childhood Dream Jobs: LinkedIn

** Singapore kids choose teaching as top career choice, expect over $5,000 salary

*** Schooling family: $650k prize money to be used to pay off part of loans for Joseph’s education and training

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